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Fast Track Professional and Personal Development Programme

For EFT practitioners and trainees

Fast Track Professional and Personal Development Programme – Everything you need to know

Why we created this programme?

After years of training, we realised is that so many of our members fall off the EFT band wagon (so to speak!). Its often hard when you are working by yourself to keep momentum going which is why we are offering you this incredibly low cost way to staying accountable and committed to your own personal and professional practice.


What is included in the programme?

  • Rest of 2021: 2 mentoring sessions (3 hours each)
    PLUS 6 group tapping sessions (1 hour each).
  • 2022 and beyond: 4 mentoring sessions annually
    PLUS 12 group tapping sessions.
Tamara and Peter

Monthly Group Tapping Sessions

Many practitioners I know do amazing work with their clients and attend the required mentoring sessions but don’t tap on themselves. Its not an easy habit to get into and maintain which is why there will be a monthly group tapping session to get yourself into a high vibe state for yourself and your clients. In this pandemic age, staying high vibe has never been more important for your mental and physical health.

What happens in the group tapping sessions?

We will tap as a group. No demos. Everyone benefits. Everyone brings an issue and we work on all the issues collectively. Sometimes there will be a theme.

When do the group tapping sessions take place?

I (Tamara) was planning to do a poll each month to see when most people could make the next session but I was asked by some people for fixed dates so I have set the following dates (subject to change):


Many trainees I know have an amazing time at our training but find it hard to stay on track with the practitioner requirements. Joining this membership, you will have the opportunity to meet up 16 times during the year with fellow EFTers to keep your motivation high while completing your certification journey. And don’t worry if you can’t make them all (most people will inevitably not be able to make all of them in person). The group tapping sessions will be recorded to watch later at your convenience.

At the end of each group tapping session, there is an opportunity to stay and chat for 15 minutes at the end of the session.

Can you explain about the mentoring and CPD (Continued Professional Development)?

You need a minimum of 6 mentoring hours (2×3 hour mentoring sessions) before qualifying as an EFT practitioner and each year to maintain your accreditation with EFTi (our governing body). Each year the Fast Track programme will give you 4 mentoring sessions (12 hours) and 12 hours in the form of the group tapping sessions. Two of the mentoring sessions will give you the 6 mentoring hours required and the remaining 6 hours can be added to the 12 group tapping hours to make 18 CPD hours. This year we have a bonus Turbo Charge your EFT year workshop giving you an additional 2 CPD hours totalling 20 CPD hours this year. You need a minimum of 30 CPD hours once you are an accredited practitioner each year so you only need to find another 10 hours to complete the EFTi requirements.

Can I join whenever I want?

Membership is open until 1st July.

What is the investment?

This is a membership system which you can leave at any point.

The programme officially starts at the beginning of each year.  Due to a limitation in our payment system, it doesn’t allow the setting up of an initial payment to cover both the rest of 2021 and the automatic setting up of an annual payment starting 1st Jan 2022.

As a membership, this Fast Track programme is only open to those who have an annual automatic payment set up.  However you can cancel this at any time.

Set up a payment structure for  £150 to be paid now to cover the remainder of 2021 and an annual payment starting 1st jan 2022 of £300 to leave your account on 1st Jan 2022 and each year thereafter.  .

You can cancel your membership at any time with immediate effect. The cost per hour of the programme is under £14 per hour.